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Brake Inspection & Brake Maintenance Service

As the ultimate safety tool for your vehicle, your brakes see a lot of action. Full breaking power is very important when you’re behind the wheel as the driver. Regular brake inspection and brake maintenance are essential for those who want to make sure that their vehicle’s braking system is always at its best.

Professional Automotive & Tire provides a free and simple brake inspection that allows us to identify whether or not the brake pads need to be replaced. Come see us if you experience any of the following:

  • Brake Warning Light is On
  • Takes Longer to Break Speed Than Usual
  • Hear Squealing or Metal Grinding Noise

Professional Automotive & Tire provides you with the brake expertise at affordable prices. You can rely on our knowledgeable staff members to handle all aspects of brake service and repair.

Our brakes inspection includes full wheel and brake removal to help us better understand what brake maintenance services are needed to give you peace of mind and keep you safe and in control on the road.

Brake pads take the most abuse as compared to most of the parts on our vehicles. The constant press and grind of the braking system eventually wears down the pads.