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Car Maintenance For Your Summer Vacation

At Professional Automotive & Tire in Greenville SC, we want you to have the best summer possible. Having your car break down on the side of the road is no fun for anyone! To prevent many issues, we are offering some tips on what you should consider in your car maintenance package before a big trip. Call Professional Automotive & Tire to schedule an appointment so your vacation is nothing but fun in the sun!

  1. Brakes and Regular Maintenance: As one of your most important safety features, brakes need to be in working order before you take a road trip. Schedule an appointment to have your brakes and pads checked, as well as, oil levels, belts and hoses, air filter, and have your windshield wipers replaced before you leave. You know, just your basic tune up.
  2. Tires: It’s always a good idea to stop and check for wear on your tires because tread depth can keep you maneuvering safely for any unexpected turns while on the road. Optimal tire pressure can improve gas mileage. You can check your tire pressure at home with a tire gauge, and tread depth by placing a penny in the tread, head-first. If Lincoln’s head is mostly visible, it’s time to start shopping for new tires.
  3. A/C Service: Riding for hours in a stifling hot car can ruin any road trip. Have your AC system checked out for leaks or low refrigerant levels before you leave.
  4. Coolant and Radiator: In the hot summer months, it’s vital that your engine can take the heat. Having your radiator, coolant, and hoses inspected can prevent overheating by catching leaks and low levels before they turn into a major issue.
  5. Be Ready for Any Emergency: When packing the car, don’t; forget an emergency kit. You should have a first aid kit, flashlight, rain gear, jumper cables, a toolkit, fix-a-flat, food/water, warning signals, and a fire extinguisher. You should also be sure you have a spare tire, a jack, and tire iron in case of a flat. If you have newer model car, your automobile may not come stocked with a spare, so check before you head out.