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Uneven Tire Wear in Center Treads

Have you ever looked at your tires and noticed uneven tire wear in the middle tread of your tires? If so, and the outside tread still have depth to them, over-inflation is most likely the cause. The leading cause of this uneven wear in the middle of the tire tread is generally over-inflation.The tread in the middle of the tire will bulge from the higher air pressure when a tire is over-inflated. This causes that middle tread to wear before the outside.

      What can you do to avoid center wear from over-inflation?
      • Consult the manufacturer’s information to find the recommended tire pressure for your vehicle.

      • The “max press” number on the sidewall of your tire is not recommended for everyday driving but instead indicates the most pressure that a tire can hold and carry the maximum load of your vehicle.

      • Different types of vehicles have different optimum pressures. For example a sports car would have higher tire pressures than a luxury car since the luxury car is designed for a smooth ride.

      What are the risks of driving with over-inflated tires?
      • Rapid, uneven tire wear

      • Reduced traction and braking

      • Sudden Blowout

      What can be done if you have uneven center wear?
      • Deflate them to the manufacturer recommended pressure.

      • If you want to have your tires checked out for uneven center wear or you’re having trouble finding your vehicles recommended pressure, visit Professional Automotive & Tire today.